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Donald Trump

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A Progressive tries to embrace, adjust to, accept, or even just deal with the reality that the US has a changing, expanding, evolving population and landscape. Hands down a progressive prefers to live in a world that collectively agrees that preserving and protecting the environment matters.

Progressives are not wired to think in deluded, desensitized, disconnected, paranoid ways. Rather, they are horrified that there's been a surreal, bizarre, and horrifying hijack of what it means to be president, and what it means to be in charge of our beloved country..

Know that you're not alone. There's safety, empowerment, validation, and fuel in connecting with other progressives. Progressives come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and levels. But at the core, what progressives value most is basic integrity in self and other. Period.

Keep uniting and supporting each other's efforts to bring sanity back. There are cracks in the wall of insanity and propaganda that sanity can seep through. You have an intrinsic drive to restore dignity, respect, and preservation during your lifetime for those who follow.

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For Trump supporters still holding on to him despite the fact that he is insane and becoming more and more insane as we go:

There are no comparisons to anyone else who is not currently president that are at all relevant in this situation.

There is no threat to my credibility or license that has any relevance in this situation.

This is not a left lib democrat tantrum that he got into office. He was a democrat most of his life and declared as republican so he could run.

He is a creepy, perverted, disrespectful, self-obsessed, tyrant and dictator who bullies to get his personal self-indulgent needs met.

His supporters don't seem to get that he doesn't care one iota about you and won't do one thing to benefit you.

He is a disgrace to public office. He is provoking war within the US and in the world.

Because he is reckless, ignorant, and often utterly cruel, he could care less about the carnage he leaves in his wake. He has never had to see it, has always been in his high towers looking down at us, the meaningless ants below. We are the ants he steps on to get where he wants to go.

If he won as a democrat I would still be trying to get him out of office because he is crazy. Yes, crazy. Unstable, dangerous, and literally hates all people who aren't in his personal posse.

Whenever I write a Trump post, the responses I most often get are insults about Obama or Clinton which has nothing to do with the current presidential administration. I also get threats and insults to my credibility and license as well as my personal character for speaking out about him. In other words, they give bully responses, like their leader.

There are zero reasons to support trump remaining in office. He is without question, unfit for ANY public office.

This person is not presidential. Period.

I am ready for the cyber bullying that I will and always do receive from many of his supporters. Bring 'em on if you must.

Otherwise, if you're a true American you support my right to state my opinion and you respect our differences.
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