Sex On The First Date? Don’t Feel Ashamed!

Despite women’s progress in shedding some of the shame attached to their sexuality, there is an over-arching message that many women have received through time, warning them not to have sex on the first date “or it will ruin your chances for a second date.” The religious, biological, scientific, and self-esteem related implications of this message are beyond the scope of this post. But the fact remains: In general, women are held to a very confusing and difficult standard when it comes to having sex early in a relationship. It just is that way.

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Radio Silence After a Great First Date? Here’s Why

You just had the best first date. It’s the beginning of something great. There was absolute connection and immediate intimacy. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in the certainty of an intense connection. I believe you can have a first experience with a person that’s so powerful it encourages you to imagine a future full of possibilities.  What happens when he says he’ll call the next day and he doesn’t? When he hasn’t returned your texts?

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