9/11, the FDNY and My “Inside Shift”

A couple weeks ago, Emma Bell, host of the Inside Shift podcast, reached out to talk with me on air… not about the ways I work to shift patients’ and readers’ perspectives, but about a time of “inside shift” in my own life. Of course I chose 9/11. How could I not? In the aftermath, I started work with the FDNY counseling unit, which has profoundly shaped the way I work with trauma, especially with men who aren’t quick to admit their own suffering. I hope this meaningful discussion helps shed light on your own experience of trauma: https://theinsideshift.podbean.com/e/dr-suzanne-lachmann-podcast-9/


What My German, Jewish Father Learned About Patriotism

This Memorial Day, I’d like to share a personal story. Both of my Jewish parents are European born. Both had the misfortune of being born during Hitler’s rising (my father in Germany, my mother in Belgium).

We will save my mother’s story for another day. But if you’re curious, you can view it here: https://vimeo.com/90691222

Back to my father: when his parents were able to escape Breslau in 1938 (a town close to Berlin, now occupied by Poland) it was via a ship that docked in NYC where his small family, who spoke not a word of English, made their home. In his new school in 1938 NYC, teachers, other parents and kids did not understand that HE was not the enemy, just BECAUSE he was German born.

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Catch #breakupbook2015 on BYU Radio!

Tues, Nov 18th at 5:15PM, on Sirius XM channel 143 as well as through their live stream at byuradio.org, I will be making my first radio “appearance” ever. I find it quirky and cool that the invitation came from BYU (Brigham Young University) Radio in Provo, Utah. How awesome is that for the likes of this New York shrink? It suddenly occurred to me, that there might be a little chance to discuss #breakupbook2015, too. Looking forward to it, Dr. Matt Townsend, thanks for thinking of me!

Dr. Lachmann,

My name is … I am a producer for The Matt Townsend  Show on BYU Radio. I am emailing to see if you would be interested in joining Matt on the show…

BYU Radio is a radio station associated with Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. We broadcast on Sirius XM channel 143 as well as through the live stream on our website, byuradio.org. Sirius XM radio has over 2 million subscribers nationally.

The Matt Townsend Show is a live talk-radio show hosted by Dr. Matt Townsend, dedicated to bringing people practical tips and inspiring advice to help them live “The Good Life.” Some past guests include NY Times Bestselling authors Andrew Solomon and Dr. Sue Johnson among others.

The show airs live Monday-Thursday from 5-7 pm Eastern, with repeats running 5-7 am Eastern. Interviews are generally from 5:15-6…

Matt would like to speak with you about your blog posts on #Breakups. We are happy to direct listeners to you during the interview as well as on our social media channels.”