4 Clues to Hillary’s Real Character

Everywhere we turn there are extraordinary amounts of violence. People are terrified and confused. It seems as if things have never been worse. This is especially true of the younger generation – all we ever know are the times we have lived. In this trying time, we want certainty from our leaders. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, certainty and absolutism are things she has struggled to convey. From the email scandal to her paid speeches to Wall Street, her history has sent mixed messages. Of course, we no longer trust anything that politicians say. It is their actions that count. So what can we learn about Hillary Clinton’s character from her actions? Here are four facts of Hillary’s life that seem instructive:

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What We Can Learn About Trump and Clinton From Their Children

We may disagree on what is in the best interest of the United States. However, at the core, what we’re all looking for in a President is a person we can trust to have our best interests at heart to the best of his or her ability. But words are just words – how can we tell who is honest and who is acting? Whose fundamental beliefs and way of being reflect an investment in making the world a better place?

It’s what people do when you’re not looking that tells you the most about who they are. Because children are, at least in part, a product of their parents, one hint at how people act over time and in private is the way their children choose to conduct themselves in the world.

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